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The Programme

The MY NEW SELF programme aims to combine a series of practices that have been proven, with supportive clinical trials, to optimise heart health from a cellular level. With regular practice and engagement in these sessions it is possible to enjoy, younger, healthier and longer lives filled with vitality, clarity and peace of mind.


Mindfulness and Yoga for the heart

Mind-body techniques and practices have been shown to be beneficial in boosting the immune system and optimising overall mental and physical well-being. Meditation improves mental skills for metacognition and changes the way we respond to stressful events.

In this programme we would guide you in some of the simple practices that you could incorporate into your daily routine for optimal mental and physical well-being.


Nutrition, Exercise for heart health and Weight management

The understanding of nutrition and the consumption of healthy foods plays an integral part in maintaining mental and physical well-being over the long-term.

In this programme we would focus on the type and quality of foods consumed. Areas of focus would include: Omega-3 consumption (x3 per wk); fruits and vegetables (daily); refined sugar beverages (avoid); processed meat (avoid); whole foods consumption vs processed foods.

We would also explore the role of intermittent fasting as a tool
to optimise health and manage weight and see whether this
may be an option for you.

People who are physically active tend to be better protected against the detrimental effects of extreme stress (inflammation) on the heart compared with those who are less active. We would work with you at implementing an exercise routine that suits your lifestyle and capabilities.

The recommended weekly physical activity: 150 minutes of moderate exercise (brisk walking); 75 minutes of vigorous exercise (jogging). At least 2 days a week of muscle-strengthening activity.


Sleep therapy, exhaustion/restoration cell therapy

The length and quality of our sleep has been shown to have an effect on our health on a cellular level. It is therefore important to assess one’s sleeping pattern when thinking about optimal heart health. There is evidence suggesting that at least 6 hours of good quality sleep puts you at low risk of inflammation and cellular damage whilst shorter sleep durations and poor quality sleep can lead to exhaustion, susceptibility to stress exposure, precipitating chronic inflammatory conditions and cellular damage.

Using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, we will assess sleep quality and work with you to develop habits that would encourage improvements in your sleeping pattern.


Life coaching and Fulfilment goal setting

As we pursue our dreams of a noble and fulfilled life, the ‘struggles’ and ‘suffering’ that we encounter are an inevitable part of life. Perceiving these struggles as challenges that we can overcome rather than stressful events that we must survive through makes all the difference in how our bodies respond through the hormones released by our endocrine system. Going through life in a chronically stressful state releases cortisol and adrenaline which are detrimental particularly to the immune system and cardiovascular system.
Embracing life’s challenges however, encourages the release of dopamine which has positive effects that drives us towards our goals. This programme is designed to help us in changing our perspective to life events; encouraging us to embrace the challenges in life rather than merely surviving, with the aim of increasing our productivity, developing a better work-life balance, moving us towards living with purpose and fulfilment.


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